Probate Process Timeline

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How long does the probate process take to resolve?


Probate Process Timeline Many times, we’ll get a call from an executor or beneficiary and they’ll ask, “Chris, how long is the probate process supposed to take?” While there’s no definitive answer. The usual process can take anywhere from nine months to two years, and it can take longer depending on the size and the complexity of the estate. There are a number of deadlines which have to be hit before an estate can even begin the probate process. There’s also a number of approvals that have to be received back from the estate before the probate can be closed. Depending on the number of probate processes that are ongoing, the number of estates that are open in any particular jurisdiction, and the number of estates that are open with the various departments of treasury or departments of revenue, they can be backed up for some time. There’s always an opportunity to follow up, but as a ballpark number, a simple estate can take as quick as nine months, but they can take significantly longer, it just really depends on the current situation. If you have a situation where you’re dealing with an estate and you have questions about timelines, please feel free to give us a call.

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