Dying Without a Will

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What happens if I die without a will?


Dying Without a Will As a part of the estate planning process, we’ll usually be confronted with the question, “What happens if I die without a will?” There’s a number of impacts that occur. Even if you have virtually no assets, there still can be a negative impact if you die without a will. Fundamentally, if you don’t have a will, your assets will pass through the laws of intestacy meaning that the state decides where your assets go. Normally, if you have children or living parents at the time, the assets will be split among them, but you have no control over where those assets are going or what’s happening to them. It’s simply split according to whatever the law is.

At a more basic level, your heirs, beneficiaries, and those you left behind are left sometimes without knowing what you wanted to happen with your assets or your legacy. For a lot of people, that knowledge and that comfort is more important than any monetary asset or anything of that nature. At the very least, leaving that last piece of information, that last piece of guidance and not leaving your potential executor or administrator guessing as to what you want to have happen can be just as important as filling out the document. If you have any questions about drafting a will, and it can be a simple will just to accomplish those goals, please feel free, give us a call.

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