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If you are looking for an attorney to probate the estate of a friend or loved one, let us first express our deepest condolences for your loss. The emotions you are feeling right now are completely normal- sadness, fear, anger, and confusion.

Has the whirlwind of emotions and attention left you exhausted, and at the same time responsible for the administration of your loved one’s estate, as executor or executrix? The trust your loved one has put in you as the administrator of their estate is substantial, but the sacrifice you commit to these duties may feel suffocating.

If you are in this situation, please remember that the last thing your loved one would want is to make the grieving process more difficult; which is why the attorneys of Callagy Law offer to help you act as the guardian, protector, and champion of your loved ones estate.

Without taking any more control over the estate that you request of us, Callagy Law can guide you through the process of probating your loved one’s will, implementing the disbursement of the estate, and properly closing the estate when complete; OR Callagy Law can manage the majority of the probate of your loved one’s estate to give you peace of mind and an opportunity to work through your own feelings.

Whatever your needs in probating a loved one’s estates, Callagy Law brings its characteristic Caring and Urgency to meet the needs of you and your family; and, while we can’t ethically say that we care the most, that we are the most compassionate, or that we will more efficiently administer your loved one’s estate, let us prove it to you.

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