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Are you, or a loved one, currently in need of, or in the care of, a long-term care facility? If so, and if you had invested in Long Term Care Insurance, the costs associated with that care should be covered, right? Unfortunately, many people just like you find themselves disappointed and cheated by the insurance companies that they believed would help cover their bills during these difficult times.

If you are in a situation where you are being ignored and rejected by the insurance company for your long-term care costs, we truly understand and appreciate the difficulties that they bring to the table, including blatant non-responsiveness to phone calls, emails, and even formal correspondence.

This circumstance is far more common that it should be, and in order to receive the money you need to care for yourself, or your loved one, you may need the help of an attorney that understands where you are coming from, and is willing to go up against the insurance companies to ensure you receive the money that you invested your heard earned money into with the hope of insuring your family against the huge costs that are incurred while admitted to a long-term care facility.

This is a specialized type of insurance, and requires a specialized type of attorney- one that is caring, urgent, and aggressive. One that can be your Protector, your Guardian, and Your Champion.

The tenets of our practice revolve around you, the client, the victim, the person in need of an attorney that will represent you through the thick of the argument with your insurance company, to fight against the beau acracy and greed of the insurance companies that are truly making a painful and difficult time in your life even more so.

Our attorneys can help you with filing a claim, claim appeals and claim denials, and while we cannot ethically tell you that we are your best option to fight with you against your insurance company, we would be honored to prove it to you today.

If you are frustrated and discouraged by your insurance company’s response to your claim, or if you are simply confused and feel defeated at the thought of even fighting the insurance company for the money that you are entitled to under the plan that you or your loved your purchased, please call us now at 201.261.1700 or chat with us to request a free consultation.

We can provide a free analysis the terms and conditions of your long term care insurance policy, and your rights and entitlements under same, and fight for you to ensure that you receive every penny that you are entitled to so that you can care for yourself, or your loved one, as they enter, or continue to live in, a long-term care facility.

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