The Plight of Ancillary Providers

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What is the plight of ancillary providers?


Let’s talk about the plight of ancillary providers. By ancillary, I’m talking about anesthesia groups, surgery center, pharmacies, toxicologist, and the issues that specifically tend to affect them.

The two biggest ones that we see are precertification penalties and medical necessity denials that are beyond the control of these ancillary providers. For precertification, it’s actually the treating or prescribing doctor who is the one that should be sending these precertification requests. If a doctor is prescribing urine drug testing, for example, the doctor needs to be sending that pre-cert.

Otherwise, when the toxicology group performs it and sends their bill, they’re likely going to be subject to a 50% precertification penalty— literally half of what they’re entitled to. It’s critical that the ancillary providers are talking with the treating physicians, are explaining this issue to them, and are telling them you need to be pre-certifying my services as well when you’re prescribing them. Otherwise, I’m only getting paid half of what I should be.

Medical necessity denials are another big one that we see for ancillary providers. The doctor will prescribe a service and send off the prescription for a compound cream that they are prescribing. If that cream gets denied, the pharmacy group is going to file for arbitration. All they really have to go on is the prescription. They need the treating doctor’s records to justify the medical necessity of that compound cream.

The Plight of Ancillary ProvidersOften, we would see cases where the doctor hasn’t even mentioned that they’re going to prescribe it. The doctor as the treating physicians needs to be spoken to. They need to be aware of all these issues. Often there’s a great relationship going back and forth between these two different providers.
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