Explanation of Out-of-Network Benefits

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What are out-of-network benefits?


Explanation of Out-of-Network BenefitsLet’s talk specifically about your out-of-network benefits.

You might have what’s called a schedule of benefits or summary plan description. It looks like a whole bunch of charts and a whole lot of doctors that you’re hoping you never have to see. You may notice this column that says out-of-network and all these percentages. Some of them might say 60% is your coinsurance after you pay your deductible. Forty percent is going to be the out-of-network rate that’s going to be paid to the provider.

What does that really mean? What that means is that your healthcare carrier has decided on an amount that they usually call an allowable amount— maybe a recognized charge, maybe an eligible charge— that they’re deciding they would pay for the treatment you received. Let’s say they’ve designated the allowed amount to be $10,000. Suppose your coinsurance is 30%. That means that you would pay 30% of the $10,000.

The treating provider is going to be paid the balance of the $10,000, the $7,000 directly from the healthcare carrier. What if your treating provider actually billed $20,000? What about the other $10,000? That’s what’s called balance billing. That’s what you could be liable for as the member, as the patient because that’s your portion of the bill.

You want to make sure that you’re really clear and you understand what exactly is defined as the allowable amount or eligible charge. How does your insurance company come up with that? Talk to them about it. Let your treating provider know before you go in for any procedures, planned or unplanned, to let them know this is my health plan.

Call up your carrier. Get a copy of it. Bring it to your treating provider. Tell your treating provider to go see their healthcare attorney who handles all of their needs. They probably have an attorney who does their PIP, their workers comp, their commercial insurance.

I know for most of our clients we handle all three areas for that. If you have any questions, please feel free to call use or let your doctor or the facility that you’re treating at know they can give us a call at Callagy Law at 201-261-1700. Please follow us on all of our social media platforms. We have lots of great content out there to help you, and it’s all free on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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