How to Deal With Policy Exhaustion

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How do I deal with policy exhaustion?


Let’s talk about how to deal with policy exhaustion.

This is a big problem in New York. When somebody gets into a car accident that’s really serious and they need a lot of treatment, most of them only have minimum policy, which is $50,000. Between chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, possibly spinal injections, and going up through surgery, if that’s necessary, that policy can get wiped out very quickly.

How do we deal with this? First, we make sure that we promptly file the claim as soon as we get it. That’s very important. We do receive a high volume of these claims, and we give every claim the attention it deserves. We get these filed quickly.

How to Deal With Policy ExhaustionThe second issue is sometimes policies are exhausted before we even file. In that case, we try to look for other ways to pressure the insurance company to settle for at least some money. Oftentimes we can argue that a policy has become exhausted only after the claim should have been paid in the first place. By arguing that the care was medically necessary and should have been paid in the first place, we may be able to get some money for interest that accrues on the claim.

In New York, interest is very high. It’s 2% per month and the wait for a hearing at this time is about 10 months. That means we may be able to recover up to 20% of a claim in interest alone. By putting pressure on the insurance company to emphasize that it should have done what was right in the first place, now even though there’s no more money left on the policy, the right thing to do is pay interest and costs and fees.

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