Understanding Your Health Benefits Plan

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What is important to understand about my health benefits plan?


Understanding Your Health Benefits PlanThe question I often get from clients is about what their health benefits plan actually says and how to make sure that they are paying the right amount and that their treating provider is getting paid the right amount from the insurance company.

One of the big concerns is the assignment of benefits. Also, what is an assignment clause? Your benefits plan may restrict you as the member, as the patient from assigning your benefits to your medical provider. What this means is you’re essentially assigning your doctors of hospitals or an ambulatory surgery facility the right to collect payment, so you don’t have to deal with checks. They put in the claims.

What happens when there’s a restriction on that and your plan actually says that you cannot assign any of your rights? As the medical provider you want to get paid and you’ve been under paid. You’re prevented from filing appeals, following up on those claims, getting the check sent directly to you, and pursuing it if you need to in something more serious like arbitration or even taking them to court.

A good idea is to make sure you review all your plan documents before you go see your treating provider. Go over them with the doctor, with the facility, that way you guys can discuss together what’s going to happen next and if there’s any ways that you can cure an anti-assignment clause, which is what we call it. If your plan has an anti-assignment provision or you’re not sure, talk to your doctor about it. Let your doctor know that they should consult with the attorney who handles all of their healthcare.

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