Signing Assignment Of Benefits Documents (AOB)

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What are assignment of benefits documents?


I’ve been getting a lot of questions from patients regarding these really thick intake forms that they have to fill out every single time they go to one of their medical providers. What are these things?

Virtually every medical provider is going to have certain key documents that they need the patient to sign. You shouldn’t be scared of these documents. The most common document that you have to sign is something called an assignment of benefits. What an assignment of benefits basically says is the patient, you, have access to certain benefits from an insurance policy.

Let’s say you have a fully funded plan by Horizon. You have a policy of insurance from Horizon. Horizon then has to pay for certain services that are provided by medical providers based on what it says inside the plan or policy.

The medical provider as a courtesy to you, candidly it’s super beneficial for the medical provider as well, may have you execute this document called an assignment of benefits. It basically says I have benefits from this insurance carrier, and I want to go ahead and assign them to you, the medical provider, who is going to provide services to me. You can go ahead and collect on these benefits directly. As a result, the medical provider will then use that assignment of benefits. He will submit his bills to the insurance company and collect the benefits directly from the insurance carrier.

Signing Assignment Of Benefits Documents (AOB)In addition, if the insurance carrier denies the benefits or tries to delay payment, most of the time the medical providers will fight for your right to get the benefits. Again, it helps the medical provider as well. All of this is happening behind closed doors where things that you don’t even realize are going on, at the appeals process, or sometimes the filing of litigation to collect on the benefits from insurance. It’s very beneficial to execute these assignments of benefit because otherwise you would have to be contacting the insurance company yourself.

You would have to be submitting the claims for payment of insurance yourself. You would have to be fighting through this entire appeals process. You may even have to file a lawsuit against the insurance company to get payments. These are all things that you may not do. All the while you’re responsible for paying for the services provided by the medical provider.

Although there’s a lot of these documents in the intake forms, especially this assignment of benefits, it sometimes may seem scary or confusing. There’s really nothing scary or confusing about that document. You’re helping the medical provider to make sure that you maximize all of your benefits. It’s helpful to the medical provider because he doesn’t have to chase you and can collect money directly from the insurance company and fight the fight for you that you may not fight. If you have any questions with anything that I discussed, you’re welcome to call us at Callagy Law at 201-261-1700.

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