How to Handle Medical Collection Letters From Doctors

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How do I handle medical collection letters from doctors?


Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from a surprising source— from patients. They’ve been calling up and asking us about collection letters they’ve been getting from their doctor. What gives?

Likely the increase in the collection letters that you’ve been getting have something to do with the new law that’s recently been passed in the state of New Jersey. That law actually changes the requirements on doctors and makes it a much stricter process for the doctors to ensure that they’re collecting what’s referred to as your coinsurance, your copay, and your deductible. Basically, what’s happening now is the law has been enacted. This law requires doctors make sure that they’re collecting these amounts from you.

In addition to that, there have also been some changes in the law that actually require the doctors to engage in other processes to try to collect on out-of-network bills directly from carriers and things of that nature, which is a very pro-patient and consumer-friendly act. You shouldn’t be overly concerned with regards to receiving these letters. If you feel concerned that the amounts at issue are inappropriate or incorrect, you always have the ability to contact the medical provider directly by picking up the phone, calling them, and saying I got this bill. Apparently, you’re trying to collect on these invoices from me.

How to Handle Medical Collection Letters From DoctorsIn addition, this is actually quite helpful because the medical provider could use your cooperation to help them in contacting the insurance company to make sure they’re collecting all the benefits that you’re otherwise entitled to. Have no fear. Nothing has really changed too much except for this new act which now makes medical providers have to reach out to you to try to collect on your copay, coinsurance, and your deductible. If you feel like you’re being unfairly collected upon, you always have rights to contact the Department of Banking and Insurance and to discuss the medical provider. The first thing you really should do is contact your medical provider and ask them what’s all this about and see if maybe they could use your cooperation against the insurance carriers to make sure they’re collecting all the benefits they’re otherwise entitled to.

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