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When you buy into an insurance plan, you are investing not only your hard-earned money, but also your time and the security of you and your family’s financial future. However, if you are viewing this page, you have been let down by your insurance broker or salesperson, and unfortunately have likely been scammed out of your hard-earned money.

Insurance agents bear a fiduciary duty to each of their clients, which spans from the point of purchase throughout the course of the policy, and in the distribution of funds.

Point of Purchase Insurance Agent Negligent Actions:

  • Have you been inappropriately advised as to the insurance coverage you need?
  • Were you given deceptive information in order to coerce you to purchase greater coverage than needed?
  • Were you given inadequate information, leading you to purchase insufficient insurance coverage for your needs?

Course of Policy Agent Negligence

  • Failure to secure the promised insurance policy
  • Inadequate preparation of documentation to confirm or support the policy
  • Intentional or non-intentional oversight that negatively impacts the policy’s benefit to you

As the policy holder, if your insurance agent or broker has demonstrated a degree of negligence, you may be entitled to not only your coverage amount, but also the difference in any coverage amount you requested and the actual coverage the insurance company honors.

Our attorneys can help you with:

  • Filing a claim
  • Claim appeals
  • Claim denials.

We can hold the agent or broker that disservice you in securing your insurance policy responsible, and most importantly can make sure you receive the money that you intended to receive when you signed up for the policy, and which you though you had in place, regardless of the erroneous policy executions arranged by your agent or broker.

We can provide an analysis the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, as well as your rights and entitlements under same. We can review your documentation as to what you actually requested, and determine the full amount that you should have been entitled, if not for the errors of your insurance agent.

When you have been wronged, you need a Protector. A Guardian. A Champion, to fight for what you are entitled to. Refuse to be limited by the errors of those agents that you trusted, and who failed you by providing inferior policies than were promised.

While we cannot ethically tell you that we are your best option to fight with you against your insurance company, we would be honored to prove it to you today.

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