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Are you currently in a dispute with your health insurance company or has your claim been denied or undervalued? This is a problem that is all too common with the growth and greed of today’s massive insurance companies. We understand your frustration, your anger, your pain.

Simply put, if your health insurance company is stealing from you by leaving you on the hook for payment of medical services that should be covered under the term of your plan, YOU CAN FIGHT BACK.

Here at Callagy Law, we understand how difficult and frightening it can be to deal with a huge insurance company that continually denies payment of patient treatment, most of the time without reason. That’s why Callagy Law has a successful history of forcing insurance companies to pay for treatment, in order to protect people in the same position you are in now.

Our team of caring, urgent and aggressive attorneys have negotiated with and litigated against insurance companies like Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield on a variety of key health insurance issues such as:

  • Denied claims for benefits
  • Coverage denial for a legitimate medical procedures
  • Denial of experimental treatments and/or psychiatric conditions
  • Improper delay in handling claims
  • Undervaluing claims/losses
  • Medicare/Medicaid disputes

When it comes to fighting against the corrupt machine of corporate health insurance carriers, you do not need to be a victim. But you do need a Protector, a Guardian, and a Champion that has the experience and fortitude to take action and aggressively fight to force your insurance company to meet its duty of covering payment for your medical treatment.

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how Callagy Law can help you fight for proper coverage of your health insurance claims.

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