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If you’re reading this, your home, apartment or business has suffered some damage due to a storm. First, we empathize and we are so sorry that this happened to you. We know that this is a tough and most challenging time.

If you purchased homeowner’s insurance and your property was damaged or destroyed during a storm or fire, you expect the insurance company to properly pay what is rightfully owed to you under your policy. What if the insurance company doesn’t pay you what you believe your property is worth? Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for low-ball valuations and not paying for everything that should be covered under a policy.

Commercial property insurance for your business generally does not come cheap. You may have made the wise decision to purchase what you believed was solid, sufficient coverage to protect your livelihood even though the cost was considerable—only to suffer damage and have the insurance company deny, delay or severely underestimate the value of your claim.

You need someone on your side protecting you through the entire process.

You Need A Protector, A Guardian, A Champion.

Insurance companies also have to abide by state insurance laws and act in good faith. If your insurance company fails to pay a legitimate claim, or is otherwise acting unfairly, you may be able to file a bad faith lawsuit against them or appeal to your states insurance commissioner.

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