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Who Gets the Engagement Ring in My New Jersey Divorce?

It is that time of year again when the rain subsides, the temperatures warm, the blossoms bloom and the wedding invitations start flooding your mailbox. Wedding announcements abound from social media sites with engagement rings glittering from the photographs posted by soon to be married happy couples. However, before you put a ring on it, […]Read More

Posted on 03-24-2020

Family Law

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Family Law Team Update

To Our Family Law Clients: As the coronavirus situation continues to escalate and we all find ourselves in uncharted waters, we are reaching out to let you know that our firm is currently undertaking an urgent and proactive wide-ranging effort to identify and study the numerous pressing legal and business issues that many of you […]Read More

Posted on 03-20-2020

Coronavirus Updates Family Law

How to Deal with a High Conflict Divorce

Most people assume that if they are involved in a high conflict divorce, their only choice is litigation. I strongly disagree with that belief. In fact, people who are involved in high conflict cases should benefit the most from submitting their disputes to mediation. What is the source of the high conflict? While many people […]Read More

Posted on 02-24-2020

Family Law

How to Protect Your Assets in Your New Jersey Divorce

Even in the most amicable and friendly divorce, the process of ending a marriage can be a challenging and emotionally charged experience. There is no question that it is difficult to sever a relationship that you at one time believed would endure the rest of your life. Emotions are high, ranging from grief to anger. […]Read More

Posted on 02-18-2020

Family Law

What Rights Do Domestic Violence Victims Have?

You are not alone. Nearly 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner per minute. One in three women and one in four men experience some form of physical violence at the hands of their partner; for one in four women and one in seven men, the physical violence is categorized as “severe.” Domestic […]Read More

Posted on 01-23-2020

Family Law

How Long Does Divorce Take in New Jersey?

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through in life: even if your split is relatively amicable, the process of dissolving your union and dividing assets can be quite trying. When it is not amicable, it can feel like you’re fighting on the front lines of an emotional war – one […]Read More

Posted on 01-15-2020

Family Law

What Is Covered Under New Jersey Child Support?

In many cases, divorces do not only involve spouses. Children can be just as affected – or even more so – than the adults. When children are involved, a primary issue to work out in a divorce is that of how the children will be housed and supported. When the child has a primary residence […]Read More

Posted on 12-19-2019

Family Law

Preparing for a custody trial in New York

New York and New Jersey Family Law Attorneys at Callagy Law, PC One of the most emotionally charged aspects of the separation from your partner or your spouse concerns your child or children. Tragically, children are often caught in the contentious battle between parents who are separating, divorcing, or who are no longer together. The […]Read More

Posted on 09-21-2018

Family Law