Negotiating Vendor Agreements

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Are you a business owner, manager, or other authorized representative that is in the process of hiring a third-party vendor to provide services for you, or on your behalf? If so, you know the risk involved with trusting another person or company with your company’s profitability and reputation.

We also understand that the cost of retaining third-party vendors can be extremely high. If the terms of the agreement are not clear, concise and contemplative of potential risks that may arise, any breach or failure to deliver the promised services could result in costly litigation or financial losses. Poorly constructed and negotiated agreements can cause you to lose your investment and then spend years in the court system fighting to get it back.

However, this can be avoided by a thorough review of the vendor contract, ensuring that you are GUARANTEED the quality of services that you deserve.

Proper review and revision of vendor contracts can ensure that expectations are laid out, and that failure to meet those expectations entitles you to relief.

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