Benefits of Having an Attorney Draft Your Business Contracts

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Do I really need an attorney to draft my business contracts?


Benefits of Having an Attorney Draft Your Business Contracts You may be asking yourself, “I have a business relationship that I’m forming. Do I really need an attorney to draft this contract?” The answer is, no, you don’t need an attorney to draft these contracts. The problem is that most people, when they’re drafting their contracts, are thinking about a picture, what their vision is for where they’re ultimately going to arrive, or what they want, and they’re not thinking about all of the other possible scenarios that can play out that are absolutely situations that can occur. As a result of that, you may form your contract in a way that is devoid of a lot of the types of provisions that you want to make sure you have discussion and agreement on. That’s why you want an attorney who’s skilled, who’s seen the world, and who’s seen these transactions work and not work, fall apart and come together beautifully. You always want to have an attorney, even if it’s just as a consultant, to share with you some of the things that you should be thinking about. If you have a substantial concern that you’re about to start a business and you think it’s going to be worth millions of dollars, why wouldn’t you spend a thousand, two-thousand, maybe three-thousand dollars putting your operating agreement together in a way that covers all of the five core things that need to be discussed in an operating agreement or a shareholder agreement to make sure that your business is operating as efficiently as possible, that the expectations are set, and that you’re removing as many of the possible hurdles that exist for a business to be successful right off the bat? No, you don’t need a lawyer to help you draft these contracts, but the reality is you’re probably going to think about one thing— who gets what percentage of the profits. Then, two years down the line, one person wants to go do something else because their purpose wasn’t to scale their business until it’s making hundreds of millions of dollars. They had the fun of a startup, they’re now wanting to move on to something else, and they’ve been fulfilled. Somebody else, however, wants to make more money while this person wants to create more freedom and to scale the business to the point where their roles are eliminated. If you’re not having these discussions and you’re not putting them into a written document, at some point you’re going to develop resentment and frustrations, and potentially develop litigation. No, you don’t need a lawyer to help you draft your contracts, but the reality is you really do because there are so many things that need to be discussed. A world-class lawyer will know the types of issues and the possible scenarios of what will play out and make sure that people are discussing their expectations and those expectations are captured in writing, so you can bring people back to those original agreements once you arrive at one of those possible scenarios and situations. At minimum, consult with an attorney. If you’re putting together an agreement, chances are, one day you’re going to want to enforce that agreement, and you need to make sure that you have an enforceable agreement. Communicate with an attorney. Find someone world-class who tells you what to expect, what the outcomes are from their relationship, and then provides you with a deliverable contract that you can discuss, that sets expectations, and that defines what’s going to happen if things go wrong. If you have any questions with regard to hiring the right attorney to help you create a contract – whether it’s a contract with your employees or shareholders, or internal or external – a skilled innovation transactional lawyer can help you draft a contract that’s enforceable, in which expectations are set and outcomes are determined, so that you can then go ahead and start designing your business around the expectations and the outcomes that you’re trying to achieve. If you have any questions about this, contact us directly. Here at Callagy Law, we’re here to answer this question or any other question you may have.

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