Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property

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How can I protect my company’s intellectual property?


Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Property You may be asking yourself, “How do I protect my intellectual property for my company?” The first question you have to ask yourself is, are you trying to protect it internally or externally: in other words, are you trying to protect it from other companies copying what you’re doing or are you bringing some kind of innovation or intellectual property into a business and you want to make sure that the people you’re sharing this information with are not going to take it, use it, abuse it, and take advantage of the information that you’re providing. Assuming we’re talking about an external source, your first way in which you protect yourself is through something called an NDA, or a non-disclosure agreement. Before you share an intellectual property idea or some kind of innovation with some kind of external source, you want to get a non-disclosure agreement. You want them to sign off on a contract, usually one or two pages long, very informal, that says that you’re going to provide them with information and they can’t use that information for any commercial purpose and can’t reveal it to other people. A lot of people will respond, “Oh, I want to be open. I want to have conversations,” but you really want to protect yourself and your intellectual property, so make sure they sign off on a non-disclosure agreement. These are fairly routine documents to sign, but you want to make sure that yours is specifically crafted so that it protects you in the event someone breaches that non-disclosure agreement. That’s your first line of defense. Your second line of defense is your actual use of intellectual property in commerce. The minute you start using your trademark, your logo, your copyrighted material, your writings, your original ideas, your patents in commerce, you begin to develop certain common law protections of that intellectual property. What happens, however, is people, if they see these things out in public, may start to copy your trademark. They may start to use your brand image and your brand vision to benefit from whatever positive associations the market has with your trademark, your copyrighted materials, your inventions, so that their products are associated with that brand image. If that’s the case and you really want more protections, you always have the ability to file for trademark protections, copyright protections and patent protections, but these are very complicated areas. Many people say, “Hey, look, I can do this myself.” You can access the US Patent and Trademark office, USPTO, to file your own applications and things of that nature, but you really want a skilled attorney who’s going to make sure that they file those applications appropriately for you; they’re relatively inexpensive process. They’re going to do it correctly for you to make sure that you have the most adequate protection. In summary, how do you protect your intellect property from external sources? The first line of defense is your NDA, your non-disclosure agreement. Your second line of defense is to begin using it in commerce and making sure that your documenting all of the use in commerce so that you develop some common law protections. Your third line of defense are your statutory protections through the USPTO, if you’re in the United States. Canada has something very similar. Every country, basically, has something very similar, but if you’re in the Unites States, you really want to get those additional protections, whether it’s trademark, copyright or patent, and, in this regard, you want to contact a skilled attorney. You want a world-class attorney that will help guide you through this process. We’ve represented a fair number of clients to help them in protecting their trademarks, protecting their copyrighted materials, and protecting their patents, so we are here to answer any questions that you may have in this regard. Call us directly. We’re here at Callagy Law to answer this or any other question that you have.

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