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Were you fired or treated unfairly based on false allegations of breaching the fiduciary duties of your position in a company? Has this interrupted, and perhaps even destroyed your quality of life, your family, your health? We have seen this happen more times than we can count, and we have seen the devastation these acts of corporate politics can have on the lives of dedicated employees and their families.

Did you know that while you have substantial obligations as an officer/director of a company, you also have rights and protections against unfair practices, discrimination, and false accusations?.

The question often becomes, who would be willing to take on a large company on behalf of the little guy? Who would be willing to become a Guardian, a Protector, and a Champion of the wronged corporate officer against what feels like the Goliaths of the industry?

Callagy Law has experience in exactly this type of situation, winning Arizona’s highest dollar jury verdict of 2016 ($27.6 Million) for a client who had been insulted, harassed, and was forced out of a company that he had helped found.

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While we can’t ethically say that we are the best, our caring, urgent, and aggressive approach has formed a team of warrior attorneys who will do anything to prove it to you.

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