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Whether you are dissolving your business voluntarily, or due to necessity, we understand that it is likely an emotionally difficult time for any business owner. Business dissolutions or breakups have the potential for significantly impacting financial and personal relationships. In circumstances like these, it is often advantageous to have someone in your corner who is familiar with the process, the often overlooked risks, and the steps needed protect you while quickly concluding the business dissolution.

There are typically six (6) steps to dissolve a business:

  1. Corporate or LLC stakeholder approval
  2. Preparing and filing of Articles of Dissolution with the State
  3. Preparing and submitting final federal, state, and local tax forms
  4. Notification of all creditors of the dissolution of the business
  5. Settlement of all creditor claims and debts
  6. Distribution of remaining assets among stakeholders, etc.

Each of these steps carry their own emotional, interpersonal, and financial implications, and each also comes with required state deadlines, timeframes, and notification requirements.

The dissolution of your business will only be considered complete when the State receives all requisite forms, all necessary fees, all tax forms and payments, and after all creditors have been notified and paid. That is a lot to keep track of!

This process can take several months, and all the while you are trying to move on into the next stage in your life. What you need is someone you can trust to oversee the process, ensure that all requirements are met and that the business is dissolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You Need A Protector. A Guardian. A Champion.

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