Personal Injury Claim Requirements

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Is there a minimum amount of medical bills needed to pursue a personal injury claim?


A question we are often asked by clients is, “Do my medical bills have to reach a certain amount before I can file a personal injury claim?” The simple answer is no; you don’t have to have a certain amount of medical bills to file a claim, that’s the simple answer. However, the value of a case is impacted, of course, first and foremost, by the nature of the injury, but also by the amount of treatment one receives. If a person is claiming that they’re injured, then they would go to the doctor.

There is no minimum amount required, but the argument that the insurance company’s make, for example, if somebody didn’t treat, they will say, “Well, if the person was injured, they would have treated.” Of course, this is a defense that the insurance companies use, but that may not necessarily be the case all the time because we all know that we all get into the habit sometimes of putting going to the doctor off. We have pain, we’re suffering, but for some reason we put it off. Of course, even though the insurance company’s pose that argument, as plaintiff’s attorneys we fight back. We always fight back.Personal Injury Claim Requirements

However, from our perspective as plaintiffs’ personal injury attorneys, one of the most important things that you can do is be consistent. Have consistent ongoing treatment because it does impact how the insurance company evaluates your claim. In addition, more importantly than that, is if you’re injured as a result of an accident, whether it’s an auto accident, a fall-down, or any type of accident, you want to make sure that your treating because, first of all, your health is first and foremost – it’s very important – and you don’t want to put off the treatment and end up resolving or settling the case and later finding out that you need surgery or you need further treatment.

Another point that is important is that you have a duty, under the law, to mitigate your damages. In other words, if somebody commits an act of negligence and you’re filing a lawsuit, the law says you have a duty to mitigate damages. If you’re injured and you know you have an injury, then you need to do everything that you can to minimize the effects of that injury, and that includes treatment. It is important to treat, A, to make sure you’re healthy; B, to not have the insurance company look at that as a negative point in your claim; and lastly, you want to make sure that you’re getting the treatment while the case is ongoing and not wait a long period of time and have the case be resolved and then having to treat and pay out of your own pocket.

Also, what’s important is how soon you go to the doctor. Again, that is a point that the insurance companies use against the victims. We all know that, again, we put going to the doctor off – “I’ll go tomorrow,” or “I’ll go next week,” – but that is a point they use against you and say, “Well, they didn’t go to the emergency room,” or “They waited a week or two before they went to the doctor.” Treatment is important. Get your treatment.

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