What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

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What is my personal injury case worth?


What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth? Clients often ask what their personal injury case is worth.First of all, the idea of putting money and injury together is a really complicated concept. I’ve had the loss of a loved one in my own family due to an accident. There’s is no money that could ever deal with that loss. There’s no money that could ever deal with somebody being permanently injured for something, none. It is the only mechanism that we have in our legal system to compensate somebody for what happens.

Let’s deal with the actual answer to the question. The answer to the question is it’s really complicated. Let’s close the understanding gap a little bit. Number one, the first issue is what is the liability? If liability is clear, let’s say there was a car accident, and it was a rear-end hit, then it’s 100% clear liability. As liability becomes less clear, and those percentages change.

Let’s say it’s a car accident, and somebody made a left turn in front of you. Generally, that is the other person’s fault. Providing you weren’t speeding or doing something completely crazy, it’s the other person’s fault. It’s not as clear cut all the time as a rear-end car accident. There might be a little less certainty in terms of liability in discussing settlement with the insurance company. Liability is the first variable in calculating the ultimate recovery in the case.

The second variable is what is the injury that you’re dealing with? When you have a permanent injury, that’s a measure that goes from today out to your full life expectancy knowing that you’ve lost something. Let’s say that you are paralyzed, my God. We have worked with cases like that. It’s gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, completely awful. Then obviously you’ve lost the complete utilization of your body and all of the things that correlate to that. There’s massive damage.

Let’s assume that it’s a case that involves still serious injury, and permanent, but less. Let’s say it’s a herniated disc. For a lot of folks with a herniated disc. For a lot of folks with a herniated disc, it completely changed the paradigm of their ability to work out, things that go on inside the home, chores, other very important parts of their life, not to mention that they have pain every single day of their life. That’s the way that’s calculated in the hands of an attorney that knows what they’re doing and is authentically empathetic and able to have other people see it that way.

One of the things that you have to deal with in our entire compensatory damage personal injury system is bias. People think when it happens to them, it’s one thing; when it happens to you, it’s not nearly as important. You need lawyers that can help you appropriately educate people to see that through their own eyes as opposed to – as though you’re somebody that’s disconnected from them, huge critical issue.

When you’re dealing with the issue of permanency, that’s one part of it, how long you’re going to live with that permanent injury, and how significant it is. Again, that’s discounted by any – in terms of insurance calculations, by any liability question. The next issue is whether or not you have any lost wages. That’s another measure of your damages. If it’s caused by the accident, caused by your injury, and it changed the amount you can work today, or potentially even the back end of your work career. You’re going to miss years later because of your injury. You’re not going to be able to do your job for as long. That’s another pretty complicated analysis that expert witnesses can come and help with in the hands of a skilled attorney that’s really going to help you get the maximum appropriate fair value for your case. Is there going to be a backend limitation on your working career?

The question of what your case is worth is super complicated, and it really isn’t decided until you’re done with your medical treatment. At that point, you look at the full permanency of your injury, if any, the lost wages, the liability questions, and then there’s an attempt to negotiate an appropriate and fair settlement with an insurance company. That’s a challenging process, and it doesn’t happen all that often. Most times, cases have to move into litigation, and potentially all the way into the courthouse steps, or all the way through a trial.

The key is to understand that insurance companies pay when they think your attorney is prepared to go to trial, and can win a trial. If they don’t think that, the value falls off a cliff because insurance companies don’t want to pay. They want to keep the money in their own pocket. If they don’t think the lawyer can come take it from them, the just number, they’re going to say forget it. I know you’re not going to go to trial, and if you do you’re going to lose. You’re not good enough to take the money from us and prove it to a jury because we’ve biased juries on a national level against plaintiffs because we say plaintiff’s attorneys and plaintiffs are all just money-grubbing fraudulent people.

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