Partial Fault Personal Injury Claims

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Could I still have a personal injury claim if the accident was partially my fault?


A lot of times clients come in who were involved in an accident and tell us, “I was involved in an accident, but I think I may be somewhat at fault. Can I still file a claim? Can I still sue?”

In New Jersey, we are a modified comparative negligent state. What that means is if you are involved in an accident, as long as your negligence does not exceed the defendant’s negligence, you are allowed to file a claim. In other words, if you’re 50% at fault and the defendant is 50% at fault, you are still, in the state of New Jersey, entitled to file a claim and seek compensation for any injuries you sustained as a result of that accident, whether it’s a car accident or a fall-down, as long as your negligence does not exceed the other side’s. Partial Fault Personal Injury Claims

If it’s 50/50, you will file a claim, but then, of course, your award will be reduced by 50%. However, if you are 51% at fault, and the other party is 49% at fault, then you are not allowed to file a claim. This differentiates it, for example, from New York, and New York is a pure comparative negligence state. Even if you’re more at fault – you’re 60, 70, 80% at fault – you are still allowed to file the claim.

In New Jersey, we’re a modified comparative negligence state, so even if you’re somewhat at fault, if you’re 50% or less, you can file a claim. If you have any questions related to comparative negligence or any questions related to personal injury and personal injury claims, please contact us. We would love to talk to you and answer all your questions.

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