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Workers' Compensation Case Representation A lot of times clients ask us about worker’s compensation cases. There are a lot of complexity to these cases. A worker’s compensation case can be something that happens over a period of time. It can be something that’s a one-off accident or traumatic issue. The first thing I think is really important for people to know is that you have a right to get medical treatment and have it paid for through the worker’s compensation insurance policy from your job.

You also don’t just have to go to a doctor that your carrier tells you that you have to go to. There’s the ability to ask for a different provider. There’s the ability to explain why you want somebody else. You’re not in a situation where the medical treatment that you’re pursuing can be forced on you or dictated. Call us, please, and let us help you through that process. You need to get the appropriate medical care and treatments so you’re in a very – you’re as healthy as you could possibly be.

Second, worker’s compensation is based really on permanency. If you’re not getting the medical care that you need, there’s going to be no ability to recover because eventually the worker’s compensation carrier is going to say, you’re not injured. You have no permanency. I’m not telling you to go to the doctor and get medical treatment that you don’t need. I am telling you, though, that if you do need medical treatment, you do have pain, and there’s ways that doctors can help you, they’re saying that they can help you, then you should be going to get the medical treatment. If you don’t, they’re going to say you’re not injured. It’s going to result in a completely unjust situation where you’re not compensated for your injuries. That’s just the way the worker’s compensation system works.

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