Why You Need a Business Litigation Attorney

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Do I need a business attorney, or can I settle this dispute on my own?


Why You Need a Business Litigation Attorney At Callagy Law, we are frequently asked, “Do I need a lawyer, or can I do this all on my own?” The reality is you have to confront yourself with an honest truth. Do you have the ability to put your ego aside? Do you have the ability to confront yourself, before you try to confront anybody else? Do you have the ability to shape thinking and influence someone to see your side of it and accept what you want to do to move forward with resolution? If the honest answer to every one of those questions is yes, yes, yes, and yes, you don’t need a lawyer. You don’t. The reality is, if you’re even kind of good at those things, maybe you should do it yourself, as well, because most lawyers don’t have all of those capabilities and all of those faculties. You know your situation better than anybody else, and you may be the right person to handle this dispute.

The problem is that most people don’t even recognize when their ego is getting in the way. They don’t recognize that they don’t have really strong skills in confrontation, that their confrontations actually turn aggressive as opposed to being about truth without avoidance, which doesn’t require conflict, confrontation and fighting, and things of that nature. They don’t have the capability to shape thinking, meaning they don’t have the ability to ask questions to really put people in a different frame of mind and get them ready for influence, and they have subpar influencing skills. As a result of that, a really important thing for you to do is bring in a conflict-resolution professional, like a litigator; but you’ve got to choose the right litigator because they can make situations worse, and that’s why maybe you should handle it yourself.

If you find a world-class attorney who has the ability to put their ego aside and really understand the situation and confront it directly, without avoidance, that’s the person that you want to bring in because they’re going to get resolution for you in a much more optimal way. Plus, they’ve seen it probably more often than you and likely have some creative solutions to get you to a great win-win result, which should be the goal of every one of these confrontations.

Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes you want the other person to lose, but the reality is, if you come into a conflict, wanting the other side to lose and you to win, the reality is both sides lose. You have to approach these things without ego, with direct confrontation, shaping thinking, and influencing results. If you can find an attorney that can do that for you, somebody who’s world-class in all of those things, that’s going to get a better result and that’s when you want to bring them in. If we can answer any questions for you, contact us at Callagy Law. We’re here to help you in any way that we can.

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