Choosing The Right Business Litigation Attorney

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How do I choose the right business litigation attorney?


Choosing The Right Business Litigation Attorney I’m frequently asked, “How do you go about choosing the right business litigation attorney?” The truth of it is that there’s a lot of things that you really want to focus on, but there are three character traits that you’re really looking for: someone who’s caring, someone who’s urgent, and someone who’s aggressive. What does all of that mean?

On the one hand, you have someone who cares about you and cares about the result. What they’re going to be doing is they’re going to be communicating what you can come to expect from the litigation, what the outcome is that they’re trying to achieve, and why they’re taking the particular action steps they are to try to achieve that result. They’re giving you clarity and certainty, and they’re demonstrating that they care about you and the result.

When we talk about urgency, we’re talking about their relentlessness – how hard they push, how much they work to get the result for you, and how aggressive they are in terms of their time and relentlessness to tenacity to produce the result ultimately. You’re looking for that “it” factor— the person who wants to push through, who wants to get the result no matter what within the bounds of law and ethics – and is willing to be ultra-relentless and ultra-tenacious, in order to get you the result.

The last piece is the aggression piece. When we think aggression, we think conflict, fighting, or confrontation, but the reality is aggression is just getting to truth without any avoidance. This is the kind of person who’s going to want to really get to the truth of the result and make sure they’re doing everything in their power to ensure that the other side is doing everything that they’re supposed to do to get to truth and get to the right result. You’re looking for those three characteristics: caring, urgent and aggressive.

What’s interesting is it’s really hard to make a decision about who’s going to be the right attorney for you because they all practice and many attorneys are super confident, but you don’t want to go with the person who makes you feel the most certain. You certainly don’t go with the person who makes you feel uncertain – and trust your instinct on that – but you don’t want to go with the first person who makes you feel certain because certainty doesn’t necessarily produce results. You want someone who’s going to communicate expectations, who’s going to be angling and taking action steps to produce an outcome, and will be a caring, urgent and aggressive guardian, advocate, attorney for you. That’s how you make the decision about who would be the best business litigation attorney for you.

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