What Is a Pre-Litigation Demand Letter?

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Getting involved in a lawsuit is often new territory to a lot people. They often have questions that cannot be answered by their loved ones or everyone’s new best friend, Google. However, here at Callagy Law we try to answer as many questions as possible.

What Can I do to Resolve My Dispute Before Filing a Lawsuit?

One of the questions I get asked most often is, what steps can I, or my lawyer, take to try and resolve a dispute I am having prior to filing a lawsuit. While there are many different avenues a person can take to try and resolve a dispute prior to filing a litigation, one of the best ways is through a pre-litigation demand letter. A pre-litigation demand letter is an informal letter drafted from your attorney and sent to the person you are having a dispute with or their lawyer. This letter details the position you are taking in the dispute and often ends with a proposed method of resolution, e.g., monetary payment or the stopping of a certain action by your adversary.

The Benefits of a Pre-Litigation Demand Letter

While there are many benefits to a pre-litigation demand letter, I find that the following two are:

(a) the potential of getting a quick resolution and
(b) understanding the dynamics of the dispute.

First, a pre-litigation demand letter is one of the best mechanisms at a lawyer’s disposal to obtain a resolution for their client before entering into a lawsuit. Lawsuits can often last two to three years. However, if it is an especially contention lawsuit it can last even longer and that does not even take into account appeals to New Jersey’s or Federal Appellate Courts. A pre-litigation demand letter can cut that timeline significantly. Importantly, after a pre-litigation demand letter is sent it often results in your adversaries’ lawyer or that person calling you back. That phone call back creates an opportunity for dialogue and the potential to settle your legal claim.

What’s more, a pre-litigation demand letter can often take many forms that can conform to your needs. If you want the letter to come off aggressive and seeking immediate resolution, it can. In contrast, if you want the letter to come off as amicable and trying to work out a friendly resolution, it can. The possibilities are endless.

The second benefit to a demand letter is that it will usually lead to the discovery of the dynamics at play with your adversary. Importantly, prior to getting in contact with your adversary or their attorney, people have often no idea, or a little idea, of how the person they are having a dispute with is going to react now that you have retained a lawyer to represent your interests. Your adversary may react anywhere on the emotional spectrum: anger, frustration, indifference, regretful, or may even agree with you. As such, a pre-litigation demand letter is a great mechanism to find out how your adversary is going to react because a pre-litigation demand letter 9/10 evokes a phone call or a response letter from your adversary.

After the response letter or phone call is received you will have a much better idea on your adversaries’ position and/or whether it seems inevitable that your dispute is headed towards litigation. Either way, it is good to know. Lastly, even if the pre-litigation demand letter only gets silence from your adversary that is also a good thing because it shows that your adversary is either

(a) unwilling to work with you
(b) not paying attention to your legal dispute.

More Benefits:

Again, a pre-litigation demand letter is a great tool at a lawyer’s disposal and for their client. Other reasons a pre-litigation demand letter is useful, which will be discussed in later articles, is:

(a) the ability to discover whether your adversary’s attorney is good at legal research and writing
(b) it uncovers who is representing your adversary, and
(c) it gives your adversary’s attorney and your adversary a chance to see things from your perspective.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.