Types of Business Disputes Handled by Callagy Law

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What type of business disputes does your firm handle?


Types of Business Disputes Handled by Callagy Law
We’re frequently asked, “As a business litigation attorney or commercial litigator, what kind of cases do your firm and attorneys handle?” We handle virtually any dispute that you can think of in a commercial context. Litigators are conflict resolution professionals, meaning that, even before a case begins, we can help with resolution. We can come up with creative solutions pre-litigation to get resolution.

Once we get into litigation, the usual issues that you see in commercial disputes, and things that we handle and handle very effectively, are breaches of contract. You have a contractual agreement, one side or the other doesn’t fulfill their obligations, and you’re looking to enforce the terms of the contract. We also handle cases involving something called a breach of a fiduciary duty. There are times that people, even without a contract as a matter of law – meaning that the law puts on them a special duty of trust – have something called a fiduciary duty. There’s also a duty of care, a duty of loyalty, a duty of disclosure, a duty of cantor, meaning truthfulness, and things of that nature. Whenever someone breaches a fiduciary duty or comes pretty close to it, our firm also handles those kinds of issues, and other commercial attorneys would handle those kinds of issues with breaches of fiduciary duty.

We handle all manner of issues regarding shareholder or member disputes, meaning a corporation or a limited liability company, and then virtually any other dispute that falls somewhere within that category or even outside of it. Those are the types of issues we handle and are well within our strike zone. We have two top-100 national jury verdicts. One of them is the largest jury verdict in the state of Arizona in 2016. We also have the fourth largest verdict in the state of New Jersey in 2014, and both of them were for commercial disputes. We routinely handle all manner of commercial or business disputes and business litigation – whether it’s breach of contract, breach of shareholder agreement, challenges with regard to any business organization that you may have, breaches of fiduciary duty – or anything that would give rise to a cause of action for commercial or business disputes.

If you have any questions about whether or not your partner has engaged in some wrongdoing, or you have any questions about what kinds of commercial disputes or causes of action you may have or people may have against you, contact us directly. At Callagy Law, we’re here to answer this question and any other questions that you have.

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