When to Hire a Business Litigation Lawyer

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When do I need a business litigation lawyer?


When to Hire a Business Litigation Lawyer When do you need a business litigation lawyer? What’s interesting about this question is you’re automatically assuming that litigation – meaning there’s a complaint filed or you filed a complaint – means you need a lawyer, but the reality is a litigator serves many more roles than just someone who will litigate a case for you. The way you should you view them is they are conflict or dispute resolution professionals. Even before a litigation is filed, meaning a complaint is filed or something is filed against you, you may want to bring in a lawyer who will help you to resolve conflicts and disputes.

You may be saying to yourself – and a lot of our clients do – “I know how to deal with my own issues. The only thing I don’t know how to do is get through the litigation process.” The reality is many litigators are trained in dispute resolution and may have creative solutions that you may not be thinking about in order to get you to the result that you want to ultimately get to. The reality is you want to bring in a really great world-class attorney to represent you as early as possible.

You can definitely handle things before getting an attorney involved, but a lot of times these litigation professionals are specialists in dispute resolution. They can disarm, they can make people get all calm, chill, and comfortable to ultimately get to a resolution even before a complaint is filed. Obviously, once a complaint is filed, you need an attorney, but even before then you may want to bring someone in.

The answer to the question of when you should bring in a litigation attorney – or an attorney who’s going to be caring, urgent and aggressive towards getting you to the outcome that you want – is as early as possible, to get you through that resolution as quickly as possible. If you have any further questions, you can reach out to us here at Callagy Law. We’re happy to answer any questions or provide any information that you need.

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