What Is The 100-Mile Subpoena Rule

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What is the 100-mile subpoena rule?


What Is The 100-Mile Subpoena Rule One of the questions I get asked most often is if I wanted to make a person appear for a deposition who lives in another state, or perhaps even another country, is there a way I could depose them when they are nowhere near the courthouse or where I live? The answer is yes, but there are certain restrictions.

Let’s say, for example, you are involved in a car accident. You are at a national park when the car accident happens. There are a bunch of bystanders. Particularly, two bystanders saw the entire thing. You want to depose them so they could tell the court what, specifically, they saw. Let’s say, perhaps, the person behind you rear-ended you when they were texting and driving. You want to depose John and Jane Smith when they saw everything that happened, the person behind you texting and driving, and can substantially help your case.

However, this accident happened in New York, and Jane and John Smith live in California. You can make them appear for a deposition through a subpoena. However, there is something called the 100-mile rule, which says that you can’t make a person appear for a deposition more than 100 miles away from a place where they live or transact business. Let’s say you initiate a suit in New York against the person who hit your car. You would of course need to fly out to California to take a deposition for that person because obviously California and New York are more than 100 miles apart.

Just a practicing note is let’s say you wanted to have the deposition, but you didn’t want to fly all the way out there to California with you and your attorney to take the deposition. You could of course have a teleconference deposition where you’re just doing it over the internet, and teleconferencing, and video, and things along that nature.

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