What Can I Expect In a Business Litigation Case

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What can I expect in a business litigation case?


What Can I Expect In a Business Litigation Case A lot of folks get involved in business litigation and say what can I expect from all of this? I never expected to be in this situation. This person was my best friend. This person is a family member. What is this all about?

Let me take you through three quick keys of understanding business litigation from what we call a self-mastery, influence mastery, and process mastery standpoint. By the way, I’m also a certified coach. I’ve taught influence, coached people in business for many years. Sometimes people are like you’re an attorney and a coach? Yeah, and I also have 2 top 100 national jury verdicts. I think there’s a direct correlation between those two things, being a coach and helping understand how people think, how the emotional context is set, and how all this goes on.

Quick down and dirty; business litigation can be worse than a divorce, oftentimes. There are all kinds of emotionally charged issues, highly contentious ego issues. Even if you’re not there yet, attorneys can often stir up a lot of those issues as they come into the process. Let’s talk about self-mastery first.

The first is to understand that mastering your emotions is going to be an enormous part of your business litigation process. If you’re hearing me say I’m an attorney, don’t be emotional about this, that’s not what I said. Emotion drives outcomes. Emotion drives people.

What I am saying is to understand that we could be a little bit more conscience of how we deploy our emotions. You’ve got a burning energy and desire to produce an authentic, truthful outcome, to drive your behavior, your work, and making all of those things happen to bring out truth in your lawsuit and not using anger and frustration. When those things come up, there’s ways to more effectively handle them.

Let yourself be angry for five minutes a day, maybe twice a day. In the morning and at night be angry and upset about your lawsuit. Take a baseball bat and start whacking a heavy bag.

Do pushups. Do jumping jacks, sprint, run, yell, curse, scream. Get that energy out. I’m not saying not to have it. It’s very normal and natural. I’m saying be a little bit more conscience about how you’re experiencing it and making decisions about it.

A quick other footnote, Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World is a tremendous book that talks about some principles of how to function and live our day. Also, Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within, another awesome book. Those books will give you a better understanding of how to manage your emotions as you’re going through the process. Not that you’re inhibiting or suppressing your emotions, but you’re channeling them to more effectively help you bring about the results you want, including empathy, anger, frustration, passion.

All these things are good. Your emotions are valid and good. How do you use them most effectively? That’s a self-mastery component. The influence mastery piece is realizing that you’re now in a process of influence. Take a snapshot of any person at any point in time, and it could lead to massive distortion. You might be in a situation where the other attorney, the other side is going to be attempting to portray you falsely or in some false light. Conversely, how you’re portraying your situation, your issue is really important as well.

The question you have to ask yourself is do I feel comfortable and confident that I’m dealing with an attorney who can tell my story, who understands it readily, who learns information quickly, and is going to be able to present my case eventually to a judge and a jury potentially to bring about the right outcome? Perhaps short of that, that they’re going to have the skill to present my case to the other side, that the other side is going to say I need to be honest, fair, and just and get this case done and resolved. There’s no way that I’m going to use all those negative, cheap, disgusting lawyer tactics to beat and destroy the other side. That’s your influence mastery question concept.

In terms of process mastery, it really begins with as soon as you sense there’s a potential problem, you need to act. In some of the large jury verdict cases that we’ve been involved in that led to $27 million and $33 million verdicts, in both of those situations the client didn’t want to believe that they were involved in what they were involved in. They didn’t want to believe that they were being deceived, cheated, lied to by somebody they trusted, somebody they cared about. It was somebody they were in business with.

The reality is in both of those situations it hurt them. It hurt them early and it had long-range impacts that drove litigation costs up, made some things take longer. In the end we were able to work our way through it. We weren’t involved early on in either of those cases. When we did get involved, we were able to help them understand on an emotional level, that self-mastery component that we’re really in a different place now. In each step in the journey, each step in the process, each interaction, each letter that’s written, each conversation with the adversary, when the complaint is being filed, and each interaction with the court, written discovery, depositions, videotape, at every step along the way that influence mastery piece was really critical.

Bottom line in this for you, business litigation is hopefully something you can avoid and deal with quickly. I’m sorry, one more footnote. Do not run into arbitration. Attorneys talk people into arbitration all the time. That’s a much more reasonable way to get things resolved. It’s cheaper. It’s more effective.

Absolutely not— arbitration is a better place for the side with more money, who is going to tell more lies. Juries see through lies and punish people for lying. Arbitrators don’t. If you’re the truth teller and you have less money, you do not want to be in arbitration. That’s my general rule of thumb.

There are some nuances to that. Don’t take it to the bank and call me on that advice, but it’s a general concept to think about. Don’t run right into arbitration in business litigation thinking you’re going to save money and save time. A lot of times that can become a nightmare. Sometimes it is the right answer. A lot of times it can become a nightmare.

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