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Investor Financial and Fraud Services Listen, “investor” is the number one word that investors don’t like. They think they like it, but in a lot of ways what they don’t like is due diligence. We can help people do due diligence. We’ve had some incredible experiences.

The world is crazy and scary out there. There are really two types of due diligence. One is where we’re protecting people from people who are overtly lying. Two is where you’re protecting people from the dreams of others that are going to be unfulfilled.

One of the most incredible situations I was involved in is I had the interesting and good fortune to experience riding in a private jet. It was the first time I ever did that down to Florida to investigate a deal where this gentleman wanted close to 8 figures, close to $10 million for my client to invest in these transactions. This person was a lawyer at a 270-person law firm. This guy was all over the newspapers, had an incredible reputation.

I sat down with him and realized because of skill sets that I developed and the process that we were going through in diligence that the guy was lying. I protected my client from losing an excess of $8 million in that situation because that gentleman, whose name was Scott Rothstein, turned out to be the largest Ponzi schemer in the history of South Florida. It was a $1 billion Ponzi scheme.

If you think about it, obviously they weren’t going to poor people. These were sophisticated, intelligent people that they were building $1 billion all because of the failure of the due diligence process. Those stories go on day in and day out, situations all over the place. We were the first people as far as what we were told that reported the situation to the FBI when it happened. Eventually he was arrested. He’s going to do 45 years in prison.

In fact, there’s a link to the stories in the MSNBC American Greed episode about it. We did not make the episode. We were a little frustrated and disappointed about that, but not frustrated and disappointed about the fact that we protected our client from losing close to $10 million.

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