GDPR And The Effects On American Businesses

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GDPR And The Effects On American Businesses - Rajat Bhardwaj With the recent enactment of the GDPR, also known as the General Data Privacy Regulation, the effects on American businesses are becoming very real. Fines can go up to 200 million euros or 4% of the gross revenue of a company. Some things to consider are consent and bundling of terms of use. In terms of consent, if there are changes in your online policies, consent from the user must be genuine and authentic. That is to say it can’t be to their detriment.

If there’s a new policy, you can no longer follow an all or nothing approach in that they would lose their account if they don’t subscribe to the new policy, or they would not be able to get their information back if they don’t agree to the new terms of use. It has to be genuine and authentic, and without detriment to the user. The second consideration is the bundling of the terms of use. Users now have the ability to pick and choose how their data is being processed. In the terms of use, there should be multiple options which allow the user to choose how they want their data to be processed and specifically consent or opt-out of these new policies.

Once again, the effects on American businesses are very real. Compliance is key in avoiding any violations of the GDPR. If we can be of any further assistance with helping you comply with the GDPR or provide any other advice on online privacy or data information collecting feel free to reach us at 201-261-1700 or find us on Facebook.

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