For Business Owners Please Don’t Do It, PLEASE

For business owners please don’t do it, PLEASE. Watch this video, then call Callagy Law for a free legal consultation.

For Business Owners Please Don't Do It, PLEASE I hear from people all the time saying they’ve got an idea for a business. I am going into business with my partner, they say. I’m going to do great things. I love this person. They’re awesome, phenomenal. I, too, have made this exact same mistake. I’m going to share with you some ideas and concepts that are so amazingly critical and phenomenally valuable.

It’s so important for us as business owners and people living a life trying to make things happen. What happens for people most frequently in business? Most frequently, people have an idea. Often, they’re looking for some type of emotional validation or support for their idea. They bump into somebody else and think it would be great to work as business partners together. We’ll have someone to bounce ideas around with, they think. We can work hard together. I can go away. They can trust me. I can trust them.

There are a million different reasons why people want to have a partnership or other shareholders in a corporation they’re starting. The truth is, however, that most businesses fail, most partnerships fail, and most corporations or sole proprietorships fail.

Yes, there is our amazing human capacity to consider, but people also don’t adhere to the principles of success, don’t follow the results formula, and they frequently don’t get the outcomes they want. That is simply a mathematical reality. It’s not what should happen, it’s what does happen because we don’t believe in our human capacity. We don’t follow through. We don’t follow our success formula, so we have challenges. What happens? I’m going to tell you a couple of very quick stories.

First, let me share the general principle. The general principle is that people do not want to pay lawyers. I don’t want to pay lawyers either. I don’t like paying for legal fees. Other people don’t either. There’s something amazingly frustrating or upsetting for people about the concept of paying for lawyers. What happens is this. People often start their business, and they’ll consult with an attorney. They’ll talk about the idea of what it’s going to cost to draft contracts, to draft bylaws, shareholder agreements, operating agreements. They’ll go, oh my God, I’m not doing all that.

Here’s the reason that people are not doing it. They’re not doing it because in the back of their mind all this excitement, and energy, and positive things they have, they’re afraid it’s not going to work. If I go out and spend 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, some number on legal fees and consulting fees for getting this all worked out, how we’re going to do this amazing business, what if it doesn’t work? I threw that money away. Do I really have to spend that money? That’s the initial question that people have up front. Do I have to spend that $1,000 to $20,000, let’s say? Maybe even in a crazy situation, a large corporation, multiple shareholders, tons of money that is pouring into this. Maybe people spend $50,000. I guess maybe even a larger corporation some more than that. Let’s keep int into the more normal small business realm of a few thousand dollars in legal fees that it might take to get this off the ground, maybe even reaching five figures, ten grand. People are like, I don’t want to spend that.

Let’s flip it over to the other side. Let’s talk about what happens when it goes wrong. I had the privilege of working on one of the more unique cases, I would say, in America in 2014. It was a case called the Sheldon case. That was a case where some folks got together, incredibly talented, well-meaning folks. There are transcripts of this case in the court system that you can access. It ended up having the fourth largest jury verdict in the state of New Jersey, and the 65th or 66th – the largest in America in 2014 where it ended up for an excess of $33 million jury verdict. This was a business that was started by, again, very well-meaning people who, by the way, did think about some of the issues of what they were going to do and what their agreements were going to be.

I’m not using it as an example for not thinking upfront. These were, again, well intentioned, and well-meaning people, but to show you how badly things could go. These four people get together to create a business. Several of them were successful entrepreneurs going into the transaction. Previously, they had enjoyed long-standing, amazing business success. They ended up having a lawyer that comes in with them for the deal who’s got fiduciary duties, a law license, somebody that you should be able to trust as somebody who’s going to be a business partner.

As this business went along, it grew. It grew amazingly. They were doing legal funding. They ended up funding close to $100 million into lawsuits of varying sizes for plaintiffs and for lawyers that needed funding. This was an amazing business. They rocketed onto the scene. It was incredible the things that were going on. Guess what happened? The lawyer who was involved is now sitting in federal prison for 30 months. He’s sitting in federal prison for 30 months because he admitted to and plead guilty to being paid kickbacks for an outside brokerage firm to approve deals. The jury found that these deals weren’t good deals. They knew that these weren’t good deals, and whacked the people involved for a combined $33.8 million jury verdict, including $8 million in punitive damages.

Why do I bring up this story? First, to hopefully give you the idea that I’ve seen crazy things that have happened. I’ve been involved. Throughout that entire case – throughout that entire case, it was remarkable to me the human capacity for greed. The person that is in prison right now was being paid a $250,000 salary. He was in his early 30s. He had every reason, every motivation to be doing things correctly to build this business. On top of it, he ends up getting paid close to, I believe, $1 million in kickbacks.

bring it up because when everybody sat back and thought about starting this business, nobody thought that was even remotely possible. I’m involved in a case right now in Arizona, the Wichansky Case. Again, I’m not going to get into the details. We’re currently in federal court on this matter. There are newspaper articles written about it. You can check it out. You can read our complaint if you want to. What I’m going to share about it is that unquestionably, horrific things have occurred between two people. I will say that our client alleges getting physically attacked – there’s a newspaper article about this, by his partner. These are people who were best friends for 17 years. Again, an example of who would ever have thought that this could possibly happen.

I could take up ten hours today telling more and more stories of – we have lawyers going to prison and we have physical attacks, again, from one partner against another. This is craziness. You know what? It happens frequently. You go, wait a minute. I just watched your “Why Not” huddle from today. This is very different from what you were saying on that huddle with the human capacity and how positive things are. Wait, are you a positive person, or a negative person, a realist, or a cynic? No, I’m somebody who believes in the reality of the human capacity. I also believe in the fact that you have to protect yourself. You have to think carefully about the deals that you go into.

I, personally, have had more than five people steal money from me. I’m a lawyer. I’m an intelligent person. I’ve gone into business deals where on a handshake – ridiculously foolishly I have been on a handshake and said, I’m going to do X, and you’re going to do Y. In those situations, in one of the situations, specifically, I did 2X, 2X, 2X, meaning double what I committed to do, doubly achieving my numbers. The other person did half Y, quarter Y, tenth of Y, quarter Y, half Y. Then we sat down and talked about. They’re like, well, I didn’t really say that. I didn’t really mean it. I didn’t think you meant it, complete nonsense.

What is the solution for this problem? The solution is agreement formation as a cornerstone principle not only of the law, but also of human, personal development. The idea that if I say I will do this, I will do this. If you say you will do this, you will do this. That is the foundational element of team, of family, of relationship, of life. Simply, what I am imploring you to do, and saying please not to not do this (for a double negative) is to make sure that you are having agreements that are crystal clear.

I learned from an older attorney when I first started practicing and handling one of my first business acquisitions. My client was purchasing a practice from the other person. I was 29 years old. It was a real estate agency. It was highly contentious. It got crazy in terms of what the transaction was and what people agreed to over drinks in a bar, and handshakes, and everything. As we were going through it, at some point this other attorney was driving me nuts. I said, listen, you can’t agree to everything. You can’t anticipate everything. This is completely ridiculous. You know what he said to me? He said, oh, you’re wrong. He said, that our job is to think of everything and take the time to consider all of the ramifications of things that may happen so these people never end up in litigation. I’m like, yeah, this is costing a fortune.

I think at that point, quite frankly, that two of the people combined had paid between 60 and $80,000 in legal fees to him and to me. I’m like, this is nuts. He goes, no, it’s not nuts. This is a million-dollar transaction. If it goes wrong, they will spend half a million dollars, easily, litigating all the things that went wrong plus the loss of business opportunity going forward as they’re spending time fighting and not building a business. What’s at stake is dramatically more than the time it takes to negotiate. I’m like, yeah, but this is like putting two of them at odds. It’s putting them on the wrong footing for starting a business. He said to me, again, you’re wrong. He said, if they can’t work through things beforehand, how can we ever think they can work through things later. He was completely right.

You know what happened? I had tremendous influencing skills. I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I convinced him, and I convinced my client to press this matter forward, press it through. You know what? In fact, my client ended up being highly aggressive. He ended up, I think, quite frankly, not following the spirit of some the things that we were agreeing to in the transaction. It did end up in litigation. My client won out. He was right, but he was wrong in not following his principles because he allowed my client and me to push through. I thought I was genuinely doing something in the best interests of both people by pushing through.

It allowed my client to take advantage of his client. They ended up spending a significant amount of money, but at the end of that transaction and that litigation, my client did a lot better than he ever should have done. The only thing that lawyer did wrong – he was right in principle, but he wasn’t able to stand up enough for the principles he believed in and have his client believe in and understand it. His client got spooked, didn’t want to keep spending legal fees fighting about agreement issues. He just let it all go. His client got crushed for it later.

I’ve been on both sides of it. I’ve been involved in it personally. I’ve litigated it. I’ve seen all of these things. My advice to you, specifically, is this: If you’re going to commit to build a business, commit to build a business. Follow through on your dreams. Believe in your unbelievable human capacity to produce results. Sing why not every day. Attack it, build it, and if you’re going to form relationships with other human beings, make sure they’re crystal clear about what you’re going to do and they’re going to do. What’s going to happen when you don’t do what you say you’re going to do? What happens when they don’t do what they say they’re going to do. Every single contingency can be considered, adding partners, selling the company, transitioning the company, having a fight that you can’t settle between the two of you.

All of it can be done upfront so you don’t end up going through what’s happening in Arizona. Again, you can look up the case where I believe it’s approaching $5 million in legal feels having been spent on that case between all the parties, 5 million. All the different litigations, and all the different fights and battles that are going on because it was a company that was doing in excess of $40 million in revenue. There’s massive crazy battles and fights that are going on in this case, which is the example, literally, right, literally, of to me the absence of having documents. One of the things that happened in the case, there’s a fight and a battle about what one document meant in terms of when something went wrong. Everybody’s fighting about that. If that doesn’t exist with clarity and precision, then you result in absolute disaster.

The thing that you dreamt about, this amazing, phenomenal business can be destroyed in an unbelievably short period of time if everything is not crystal clear when you agree to terms up front. If you do, on the flip side, you have the ability to avoid prolonged, lengthy, expensive litigation. A critical principle that I always share is make sure if there’s going to be any agreement between two people, for the honest person, you always want to have a provision there that says that the lower pays the attorney’s fees. If you have that leverage over the other side, it gives you a tremendous capacity to avoid some of this insanity.

Please do not go forward in building a business without having appropriate legal consultation and understanding. You go, of course you’re going to say that. You’re a lawyer. Listen, you believe [inaudible], but look up the insane things that happen between family. We have another case right now where a sister and a father are suing their brother and his wife. It happens every day, every day. It destroys families. It destroys people. Have solutions up front. Ask the difficult questions. Tackle the difficult issues.

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