Causes of Business Litigation

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What causes business litigation?


Causes of Business Litigation One of the questions that we are frequently asked is, “How do you get involved in a case. When does business litigation actually occur?” Based on our experience, one could say 90% of all business litigation stems from expectations not being met. That seems like such a minuscule thing, that somebody’s expectations aren’t being met.

Most of the time, people go into business because they expect certain outcomes. They have a purpose that they’re trying to fulfill. They have a certain amount of money that they’re trying to make. They have a certain level of freedom that they want to experience. You get two, three, or four owners each with their own set of expectations, and when one of the owners of the company or an employee of the company is not meeting their expectations, then you have a dispute that arises. That’s like 90% of the misunderstandings that happen within organizations. On occasion, there’s definitely wrongdoing that happens within companies; that’s another piece of it.

There’s fraud, breaches of contract, breaches of fiduciary duty (i.e., the obligations that officers and directors of a corporation or members of an LLC owe to one another) but by and large, even that has something to do with expectations. One party will say, “Wait a second. I thought I was allowed to do this,” and the other side will go, “What, are you kidding?! No, you’re stealing opportunities from the company, you’re breaching your contracts.” Even within that, there’s a discussion that could be had about how expectations aren’t being met. That’s why it’s so important that whenever you’re forming a business, you’re communicating your expectations clearly and getting it in writing so that you can always bring people back to your agreement.

By the way, if you’re going to be the person who is going to be breaching agreements, maybe you should rethink going into business with the people that you’re going into business with. If from the beginning you don’t have the same results that you’re trying to reach or the same purpose that you’re trying to reach with your partners, or the other side’s not in agreement with a purpose that you’re trying to reach, you’re going to develop resentment really fast. In either party, that resentment is going to turn into frustration, anger, and eventually, litigation.

Really be clear with the expectations that you’re setting. Make sure that you put strong accountability structures in place to make sure that everybody is meeting the expectations and doing what they said they’re going to do, and then just do what you said you’re going to do. As a result of that, virtually all possibility of litigation is going to be eliminated internally. There’s always the source of external litigations, there’s always all of these other issues, but internal litigation is usually the way it’s triggered.

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