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Can I file a personal injury case if I was injured in a bus accident?


Bus Accident Consultation A big question that people ask about are bus accidents. An accident can be such an emotionally complicated situation. Here are a few quick things that people really need to know and understand.

Whenever you’re involved with commercial accidents, there are multiple levels of complexity in the insurance coverage: who’s involved, who’s responsible, companies that repair the bus, the people that drive the bus, the people that hire the bus drivers. There’s a myriad of different potentially responsible parties that your lawyer and law firm should be looking into and investigating, number one.

Number two, make sure you get the appropriate medical treatment that you need. Not that you don’t need, that you need. If you don’t get the medical treatment, insurance companies say you weren’t injured in the first place. Get the medical treatment you need. Follow through and go to the doctor. I know we all lead busy lives. A lot of permanent injuries could be lessened if people were consistent with going to the doctor and getting the medical care that they need.

Aas a quick footnote, my family was involved in a tragic situation. I lost my uncle and godfather 20 years ago this month in a truck accident. I’m not unaware of the massive traumatic complexity of what goes on for people. Even discussing an accident is uncomfortable for me. For those that have been involved in that situation, please understand that our hearts go out to all of you.

Please just make sure that you’re going with reputable people that are caring, urgent, and aggressive, and doing the right thing for you. If there are any questions that anybody has that they want us to talk about, call us at Callagy Law, 201-261-1700.

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