Are You In A Dispute With A Business Partner?

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Are You In A Dispute With A Business Partner? Today I want to talk to you about the three most important things to remember if you’re in business and you have a dispute with your business partner. A lot of people who get into business, start out well— they are working together, and then they eventually start having problems. It’s almost inevitable you’re going to have some conflict, and while you’ll probably be able to work out most of the problems on your own, there’s oftentimes for people in business problems that they just can’t resolve with their business partner, so I want to talk about three things that you absolutely must remember when you are both planning to start your business and when you actually have a dispute with your business partner.

The first is you need to know what the form of your business is. Are you dealing with a partnership? Are you dealing with a corporation? Are you dealing with a limited liability company? The reason this is significant is because Arizona law affects these different types of businesses in different ways. It provides different rights and different ways of pursuing remedies if you have, for example, a breach of a fiduciary duty in a corporation or if you have a partner that is stealing money from you. The way that you’re going to handle this and your rights and the ability to resolve this is going to be different depending on the form of the organization.

The second thing you need to remember is the rights and powers that you’ve established through the governing instrument that you’ve established for your business. If you have a corporation, you have articles of a corporation. You have by-laws, and so those are going to govern how you handle a dispute in that context. If you have an LLC, you might have a membership agreement that’s going to control that. If you have a partnership, you may have a partnership agreement. If you don’t have an agreement in your business, then you’re kind of into the wild west here, and you’re going to have go on the default rules that are set up by Arizona law. You really need to know what your governing instrument says about how you resolve problems within your business.

The third thing you need to consider, and a lot of people don’t think about this, is how serious is the dispute really in your view. If it’s a very serious dispute, it could be worth going into litigation and possibly dissolving a business over, but in most situations, you want to maintain your business. You want to be able to keep it going because that’s your livelihood, so you have to figure out how far are you willing to go to actually fight this battle and get it resolved. There’s no substitute for seeking professional legal counsel on that point. We highly recommend you talk to somebody who knows what they’re doing, and so we’d be happy to help you out with that. Please give us a call at 201-261-1700. We’d love to talk with you, listen to what you have to say, and help design an aggressive and urgent strategy to resolve your issues with your business partner.

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