PIP Claims: Fee Shifting Allows for Arbitration at No Charge to the Medical Provider

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The state-imposed fee schedules under the New Jersey No Fault laws, otherwise known as Personal Injury Protection or PIP,  result in reimbursements to medical providers at levels that tend to be less than the usual and customary rates charged by those medical providers.  This disadvantage, however, is offset, to some degree, by the fee-shifting provisions of the No Fault laws, which afford medical providers a tremendous benefit by enabling the provider to pursue arbitration without having to pay an attorney to do so.  With very limited exception, discussed further below, the No Fault laws allow providers to pursue denied or underpaid claims at literally no cost to the provider—legal services and all.

PIP arbitrations are conducted before Dispute Resolution Professional or DRP’s.  To bring a dispute before a DRP requires the payment of filing fees, in excess of $200 per claim.  Although not mandatory, the hiring of legal counsel also accompanies the pursuit of a medical claim in arbitration. An attorney experienced with PIP and medical revenue recovery is almost a requisite to success in this arena.  The good news is that most law firms that pursue PIP arbitration pay the filing costs for the provider and pursue the arbitration on the provider’s behalf without first having been paid anything.  If the claim is successful and additional reimbursement is awarded to the provider, the insurance carrier pays the attorney separately for the expended filing costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.  If the arbitration fails, the provider pays the attorney nothing and the attorney is generally not reimbursed for the filing costs.

The one exception to this involves claims brought against PLIGA.  PLIGA is the state-sponsored “fall-back” automobile “insurer” for those who do not have other automobile insurance.  The fee-shifting provisions of the No Fault laws do not apply to PLIGA claims.  Accordingly, law firms that pursue PLIGA claims for medical providers usually look to recover a contingent fee percentage, as well as the filing costs, from the provider’s awarded reimbursement.

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