Callagy Law – Who We Are – What We Do

Callagy Law is fundamentally changing the way medical providers recover their money from the medical carriers, one case at a time.

We truly believe that providers need “an aggressive champion of the cause of proper reimbursement” on their side that fights for them with CARE, URGENCY and AGGRESSION and our amazing results are a direct reflection of this relentless pursuit.

Since 2006 we have recovered more than $200 million dollars and resolved more than 50 thousand claims for our providers such as physicians, hospitals and ASC’s as well as other types of medical providers. .

We take particular pride in the uniqueness of the Callagy law client experience in that we remain hands on with our clients through the
entire process of recovery.

From the introduction to our liaison members that assist the providers in gathering vital information for the litigation or arbitration process to our relentless settlement team that provide updates to the providers on regular bases through emails, calls, meetings and online database access.

We have created processes and set trends in the world of medical recovery over the years, specifically the PIP, Workers Compensation and the Commercial Insurance world while evolving into a successful multifaceted law firm, practicing business law, family law, wills, estates and trusts law and commercial / business litigation.

As published in the Star Ledger and The Record, Sean Callagy and the Callagy Law litigation team just returned home with their second 27 million dollar plus verdict in two years!

With “We believe good people deserve good things” as his motto, Sean Callagy shook the legal world. Despite of his visual impairment and being the underdog in this Arizona case, Sean and the Callagy Law team triumphed, making over 20 news publications.

Currently the Callagy Law family has nearly 80 professional and dedicated employees, operating out of New Jersey, New York and Arizona.

Whatever your situation, just know we are here to help. Please call us today: 201.261.1700.

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