Why Callagy?

We’ve battled massive firms and attorneys with tremendous reputations and have managed to achieve results beyond our clients’ expectations

*Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

It is way too long to explain on our home page, so please watch this video to see if we truly have something special and unique to help and serve you.

About Callagy Law

At its simplest,

We train in the highest forms of peak performance, human influence, including pattern disruption and aggression, leadership, and process and self mastery here at Callagy Law. We invest tremendous amounts of time and money to become better protectors, guardians, champions and warriors for you.

The About Callagy Lawfounder and leader of the Callagy Results Formula, is Sean Callagy. Sean has been studying these principles since he was introduced to a peak performance sports psychologist at 16, which led him to becoming Captain of Columbia University’s baseball team, a national level success in moot court at Seton Hall’s very prestigious Moot Court team, being recruited to every major law firm out of law school, founding his own law firm in his 20’s, creating top national jury verdicts where no one thought justice was possible, and building and creating tremendous attorneys and leaders through his teaching, training and coaching, which he also has run a successful business in outside of Callagy Law.

All of this is rooted in the belief that success is a science and that most people simply don’t know or don’t care enough to study, let alone master, that science.

And, all of it is driven by a desire to serve and be the champion, guardian, protector and warrior people truly want and need, but don’t even believe exists anymore in our world.

Bold claims?

Yes. Call us and see if you see, hear and feel the difference that we can and will be for you.