Being Efficient: Improving Your Business from the Inside Out

What is one characteristic that all great businesses have?  Efficiency.  Efficiency is the effective use of time such that the greatest benefit (as defined by the business owner) is achieved.  Great businesses are efficient in their product development; Efficient in marking that product;  Efficient in hiring decisions.

Side note:  All of these will have blog posts devoted to them going forward, so stay tuned!

But before a business can be outwardly efficient, it must be inwardly efficient;  Or as my grandmother used to say, “Getting one’s own house in order.”

Many businesses – certainly successful and rewarding ones – start with an idea.  That idea is then talked out between friends, those friends become partners, and away they go.  Is the time taken at the outset to ensure that, for example, the agreement governing their business relationship is where it needs to be?  Are their vendor agreements in order?  What about employee handbooks and how internal employee disputes will be handled?  Do they agree on hiring approach and decisions?

Each of the questions above are issues I did not make up, but rather have been subjects of litigation I’ve personally experienced in the last fifteen years.  We want to help you avoid those disputes.

Which brings me to my point:  We want to help you by improving your business.  Allow an attorney to review your contracts and corporate documents and tell you where, from personal experience, they’ve  seen litigation arise.  Allow an attorney to help you develop your vendor contracts so that there are no questions in your mind with regard to expectations.  Allow an attorney  to develop an employee handbook that addresses such issues as insurance, compensation and incentives, and workplace dispute resolution.  Let an attorney counsel you on hiring methods based on tried and true team building techniques.

There’s that word again.  Let us, help you, become efficient.

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