Confessions of a Skeptic at Callagy Business Mastery Club

I am a trial attorney.  In its simplest form, jury trials are nothing more than a story contest.  The winner of the contest is the attorney who puts on the most compelling and truthful story on behalf of their client.  In this sense, a trial attorney serves in the role of a producer, director, and lead actor in the story.  Because the story is played out on the stage of a live courtroom, the most successful trial attorneys keep watchful eyes on their adversary, constantly looking for any weaknesses, holes or better yet, lies, in the story being presented by the other side.  In other words, trial attorneys are professional skeptics.

During my career as a trial attorney representing Fortune 500 companies in multi-million dollar jury trials, I have traveled throughout the US and had the opportunity to speak to jurors after the trial (fortunately on the winning side) and learned that one common thread emerges:  a true story is easy to tell.  A true story doesn’t leave you guessing or leave you with unanswered questions.  In our everyday life, we are all jurors in a sense.  We have all seen the ads for $1.00 iPads or get rich quick systems on infomercials and without exception we ask the question:  what’s the hook?

I recently joined Callagy Law as a partner in its Arizona office, and in spite my alignment with the firm, I entered the most recent Callagy Business Mastery Club as a professional skeptic.  But as I entered the room, I quickly noticed there was nothing for sale.  No books.  No sales systems.  Nothing but a room full of business owners and professionals.

As the evening began, Sean Callagy began by challenging the members to shift their mindset from why, to why not?  Why not use one evening a month to work on your personal and business growth?  Being a trial attorney, I was certain that I could come up with a witty response, but I drew a blank.  Other members tried to come up with better uses of their time, but each of them failed.  Resoundingly.

As I scanned the room, I noticed other would-be skeptics becoming more receptive to the concepts that Sean Callagy was introducing.  The focus on this particular evening was communicating your unique business identity to your audience.  The idea of communicating your business to another person sounds incredibly easy, almost like an afterthought.  Until you actually try it.

Sean Callagy invited members-career salespeople and experienced business owners to try out their story in front of the audience.  After each member would share their story, they would be rated on a scale of 1 to 10.  The results after their first attempt were mostly the same.  5 to 7, with an occasional 8.  But then an interesting transformation happened.  Sean Callagy introduced the idea of communicating your unique business identity through a true story about yourself and why you are excited to share your story.  Tell a story that incorporates all of the characteristics of a hero:  courage, passion, integrity, empathy, strength, energy, relentless persistence.  As we broke out into groups of three, each of us practicing our unique business story on one another, the skeptics were gone.  Instead, we were collaborating with new friends and contacts, listening and helping each other with positive feedback on the ways we can improve our story.  The improvements made by the members were drastic.  8 was the new floor.

Once a skeptic, now I tell my friends and clients they would be crazy not to come to the Callagy Business Mastery Club.

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