Types of Alimony

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What are the different types of alimony?


Types of Alimony In New Jersey, alimony is largely either open durational alimony or limited durational alimony. There are other types of alimony, such as rehabilitative alimony, which are used in certain circumstances but less often.

Open durational alimony, pursuant to our statute, is warranted in cases where the parties are married 20 years or more. Limited durational alimony is awarded in those cases where the parties are married less than 20 years. People have their formulas and people have their ideas on how long alimony should last, but, again, every case is fact-specific. In some cases with a 15-year marriage, alimony might be appropriate for eight years. In other scenarios, it might be appropriate for ten years, or even twelve years, depending on the factors. Again, our statute has factors that we have to abide by, the three biggest ones being the ability to pay, the need, and the marital lifestyle.

The different types of alimony are very essential. If you have any questions about what type of alimony you’re entitled to, how long your alimony is going to last, or how much it should be – both paying or receiving – please contact us and we’ll walk you through that process.

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