How Alimony is Determined

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How is alimony determined during a divorce case?


How Alimony is Determined In New Jersey, alimony is determined pursuant to our statute, which contains a number of factors. The three biggest factors are the paying spouse’s ability to pay, the receiving spouse’s need for alimony, and the lifestyle of the parties during their marriage. As we look at each case, we have to look at what the incomes of the parties are, what their earning potentials are, how long they’ve been married – to determine how long alimony will last – and any other factors that are relevant, such as who’s caring for the children, who has the ability to maybe double or triple their income, and whose income may be diminished by their parenting responsibilities.

Alimony is very fact-specific to every case, and the facts need to be addressed with the factors in that alimony statute. We deal with alimony in most of our cases, and it is a very important issue in almost every case. If you have any questions whatsoever about how alimony is determined, what you might be entitled to, or how long you may expect to pay or receive it, please contact us here at Callagy Law.

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