New Jersey Alimony Requirements

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Am I automatically entitled to alimony in New Jersey?


Alimony Requirements A lot of clients come in for consultations with a lot of expectations around alimony, making statements like, “I’m entitled to alimony,” or “I’m going to get alimony.” We generally have to back up a little bit and talk first. For one, let’s talk about your marital lifestyle. Let’s talk about how much you earn. Let’s talk about how much your spouse earns. Let’s talk about the division of assets. Let’s talk about how much money you’re going to get in that division of assets. Let’s talk about how long you were married and, if you worked the entirety of that marriage, the disparity between the incomes of you and your spouse. Only at that point, can we then talk about what your alimony obligation is going to be, how much alimony you’re going to receive, and what your entitlement is.

There are no guarantees that you’re entitled to alimony. If there’s a big disparity in income – somebody is making $500,000 a year and somebody is making $100,000 a year – and you were married for ten years, then, yes, I would say there’s an entitlement to alimony in that situation. If somebody is making $100,000 a year and somebody’s making $85,000 a year, and it’s a three-year marriage, I would say that there’s a less likely entitlement to alimony in that type of situation.

After we go through the facts of the marriage, we have a better understanding and a better idea of what kind of advice we can give to our clients. If you’re having these types of issues around alimony, and how long and how much you’re going to be receiving or have to pay, please call us at Callagy Law in the family law department. We are here to help you, and we certainly can help you. Our attorneys have been doing this for a very long time and we can help get you solutions.

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