Definition of Alimony

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What Does Alimony Meaning Have to Do with Spousal Support?


Definition of AlimonyAlimony Meaning in New Jersey is also called spousal support. It is awarded or agreed upon, hopefully, in most cases. It is awarded to the spouse who needs support if we represent a client who has traditionally been either a stay-at-home mom or a person earning less money than the other spouse.

Alimony means are subject to a number of factors, pursuant to our statute, the three most prevalent of which are the needs of the supported spouse, the ability to pay for the supporting spouse, and the lifestyle of the parties during their marriage. The courts try to, and our law tries to put both spouses in as close to a marital lifestyle as possible, given the economic circumstances. It is unlikely, in most cases, that both parties can have the exact same marital lifestyle because now we’re talking about the same pot of money being split up between two households. The goal is to put both parties in as close to that position as possible.

Is an issue, sometimes, that’s disposed of quickly by agreement. The significant considerations are, undoubtedly, how much and for how long. Some factors can get complicated, especially if the parties’ income is in question. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us because it is one of the more essential areas of every divorce.

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