Court Ordered Alimony Requirements

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What should I do if my ex is not paying the court ordered alimony?


Court Ordered Alimony Requirements We do handle a lot of post-judgment matters where alimony has already been set and a client will come in and say, “I’m not getting the alimony.” The former spouse is not paying the alimony that was agreed to or that the court ordered and they need to enforce that obligation. Again, it’s like child support in the sense that it involves enforcement. You have the right to enforce what’s been agreed to or what a court has ordered, so you file an application to enforce that obligation.

A lot of times when you see that application, or we have to file that application, the paying spouse comes in saying they can’t afford to pay it anymore. Certainly, it’s their burden to prove to a court that they can’t afford to pay it anymore, but until they do that, they have a legal obligation to pay that alimony to you.

If you’re not receiving the alimony and you’ve tried to negotiate and be reasonable with your spouse about paying the alimony and you’re still not receiving it, then you need to file an application with the court to enforce the obligation. You have a legal right and you’re entitled to receive that full amount of alimony. Unless and until the former spouse can prove to a court that they can no longer pay it and the circumstances beyond their control, you have a right to receive that.

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