Medical Revenue Recovery

Do you need help with medical revenue recovery? Contact our Callagy medical revenue recovery lawyers for legal assistance today!

If you’re here on this page, it’s because you have some challenges dealing with insurance carriers and getting reimbursement, an incredibly pervasive problem. What are you looking for though? What do you need?

The first question really is, what do those challenges feel like for you? You’re going through all this work. You’re treating patients. You’re doing an incredible job. You’re not getting paid what you should. You’re feeling the stress and tension of dealing with your internal and external billing staff. It’s just super overwhelming.Callagy Medical Revenue Recovery

First, you could have the greatest staff in the entire world. They could be billing this appropriately and doing everything they can to collect it. If you don’t have that third tier, which is a caring, urgent, and aggressive law firm, working as your protector, your guardian, and your champion in collecting money, you have an enormous challenge. What we found is if you let us come in and audit and review what you have for free, even if you used other people previously, we find money.

We started working with a neurosurgical practice. In eight months, we collected a million dollars for them. Certainly, with hospital clients, we’ve collected over $10 million a year for them. They all thought they had it covered. They’d had other attorneys look at things before. Give us the opportunity to look at what you have. We have 115 caring and passionate people who will make the entire process effortless for you by coming and reviewing all of this. No work from your staff and team. We do all of this for free, and you’re not obligated to even work with us from that point going forward.

Give us a call at 201-261-1700. Let us come in and evaluate what you have. Even if you’re working with an attorney, even if you think you’re on top of everything, there’s no loss for you. It’s a loss for us only if we find nothing, and we never fail to find money for you.

Do you need help with medical revenue recovery? Contact our experienced medical revenue recovery attorneys today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

We don’t just care about the law. We care about you.

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