4 Divorce Tips

Are you in the divorce process and have questions? Check out these 4 divorce tips for guidance, then contact our New Jersey attorneys today.

1. The First Step in the Divorce Process

4 Divorce TipsIn general, the first step in the divorce process would be filing a complaint for divorce. In many cases, however, we want to attempt a settlement before we file the complaint for divorce. In those cases, what we would do is send a letter to the spouse, stating that we represent the client and that we would like to engage in settlement negotiations prior to filing a complaint for divorce. In some cases, the spouse gets an attorney or even represents him or herself and engages in that process. In many cases, that other spouse does nothing, at which time we do start the complaint for divorce process, which is gathering the facts and simply filling out the necessary paperwork and filing the complaint for divorce. Then we have to serve it on the spouse and go by the court guidelines and the court time frame.

2. What to Bring When You Meet with Your Attorney

 At a minimum, we usually request that they bring in their recent pay stubs, any information they have about their spouse’s earnings – if they have access to pay stubs – their last filed tax return, if possible the last three filed tax returns and sometimes, depending on the nature of the divorce case, I’ll ask them to prepare an outline of the issues involved in their case and their concerns. At a minimum, on the finances, we ask for pay stubs and tax returns. During that initial consultation, we will then go through the issues and the facts of their case, and we will normally request them to gather and provide other documents.

3. What Happens to a Business

A business in a divorce process is a complicated matter. A lot of times when you have a business, we are going to have to get a forensic accountant involved to value the business. The forensic accountant is going to come in and perform an evaluation of the business, going through the process of looking at the business, or looking at the records and accounts receivables, and speaking to the business owner and all the employees of the business, and then coming up with an accounting formula and a methodology to say that the business is worth X number of dollars.

We then have to determine what the other spouse’s equitable share of that business is because it’s an equitable distribution. The business has a value, it was acquired during the marriage, and we now have to figure out how we divide up that value between the two spouses. That’s never an easy thing. The business owner certainly is never in a good position to say, “Why should I have to give anything of the value of the business to my spouse? It’s my business that I’ve run throughout the entire marriage.” So, we go through that process of what it’s worth and how we’re going to divide it up. It’s not easy.

It’s a complicated process and it involves experts and time. A business in a divorce is a complex issue.

4. What Happens to the Marital Home

The marital home is usually the largest asset that there is in a divorce and that we have to divide up. The marital home also has a lot of emotional attachment to it, especially if there are children that have been raised in that home. If a family has lived in the home for multiple years, or even over a decade, there’s a lot of attachment to that home. How the home is divided up, who gets the home is really an issue that we discuss. It’s very fact-specific and it’s about where somebody wants to be. Where do we end up? Who wants the home? What’s the value of the home? Are we going to be able to buy the other person out of the home? It really is a function of, again, a client’s goals when it comes to what we want to do with the home.

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