How Child Support is Collected

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How is child support collected?


We often have a client come in and ask about child support. One of the questions that comes up a lot in child support is, “How am I going to get it? How is it going to get collected? How am I going to receive it?” There are a number of different ways, but obviously the most common one is a direct payment. The mother or the father, whoever is paying child support to the other person, is just going to pay it directly— either direct deposit it to your bank account, mail you a check, or hand you cash. It is not usually cash, but that does happen. In any case, it’s typically a direct payment from one person to the other one.

There is the probation department collection unit as well. In every county in the state of New Jersey, there’s a probation department that handles the collection of child support. In that circumstance, there’s a third party that is actually handling the collection and payment of child support. The support-paying spouse parent will pay the child support into the probation department; the probation department will pay it to the support-receiving spouse.

Child support is collected a number of different ways. It can be a direct pay through a bank account. It can be a direct pay by check. It can be wage garnishment, which is obviously a very effective way, where an order is entered to the support-paying person’s employer, and the employer is then mandated to directly take the child support out of the person’s paycheck and pay it. It’s a common way to pay when there are issues with payment of child support; a wage garnishment is very effective.

Those are generally the common ways that child support is collected. If you have any other questions regarding matrimonial law or family law, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help you.

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