The Ten Commandments of Being a Quality Client Liaison in Medical Recovery

The purpose of this post is to help assist healthcare providers and owners with questions they have concerning their business. The Callagy Law team is knowledgeable in many law practice areas and will frequently post topics ranging from Medical Revenue Recovery, PIP, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Insurance. We hope to have this blog shed a light on many common questions.

The responsibilities of a client liaison for medical provider revenue recovery are threefold:

  • To assist in the identification and assembly of claims to be pursued either in PIP (No-Fault) arbitration (injuries related to motor vehicle accidents), Worker’s Compensation (WC) litigation, or Commercial Insurance (CI) litigation.
  • To be a responsive and considerate supporter of the Firm’s attorneys and their staffs in the above areas.
  • To be an integral part of the customer service, sales and marketing efforts of the Firm.

To perform these functions at the highest level, client liaisons should always adhere to the following Ten Commandments.

  1. To exhaust the file output of each and medical every provider as soon as possible. This ensures that providers will receive the most money possible as quickly as possible.


  1. To do whatever is in your power to meet monthly goals, without sacrificing quality in any way, shape or form. Monthly goals are not an end in and of themselves.  They are a measuring stick for your performance.  Meeting goals in some artificial or manipulative way is not only dishonest, it is the opposite of effective performance.


  1. If you do not have a sufficient number of medical providers to achieve monthly goals, to obtain additional providers as soon as possible in order to do so, and to speak with your supervisor about getting them. Seek out what you need in order to make your objectives.  If it is a wider customer base, go get it.


  1. To never lose a provider by virtue of anything you did or did not do effectively. A good liaison views losing any client as a shortcoming in his or her efforts.  A liaison should always be looking to satisfy a client while at the same time managing expectations appropriately.


  1. To minimize any inconvenience to your providers, and, accordingly, take care of office requests yourself as much as possible. A provider upset at being asked to perform functions they do not regard as their responsibility is not a good thing.


  1. To never have a provider voice a single complaint about you or your performance. A provider complaint directed at you or your performance is never trivial, never petty, never excusable.


  1. To do everything you can to make easier the job of other office personnel, so they can operate more efficiently. Treat those to whom you hand-off work as if they too are your customer.  Colleagues are customers.  Treat them with care and consideration.


  1. To help the settling team as best you can to facilitate settlements. Settlements ensure the quickest recovery for medical providers and should always be regarded as a priority.


  1. To assist the attorneys as best you can to facilitate awards. This is the bread and butter of the Firm.  The Firm exists ultimately by virtue of the success of the attorneys.


  1. To recognize and pursue sales and marketing opportunities wherever they exist. This is last but hardly least.  All employees, but particularly liaisons, are ambassadors for the Firm and should at all times behave as such. Liaisons, moreover, are out in the field and should always be on the lookout for business development opportunities.

These Commandments have relevance for all people in the customer service / sales / marketing arenas, not just those attached to a law firm specializing in recovering money for medical providers against insurance carriers.

We hope you have found this information helpful and interesting. Please reach out to us here with any questions or comments regarding healthcare legal matters, or if you are a medical provider that has questions regarding Medical Revenue Recovery, PIP, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Insurance.. Feel free to search us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!


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